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Curbside Compost Collection is here!

EverGreen Events now offers residential and commercial organics collections
in the Roaring Fork Valley.

comp bin
The 6.5 gallon animal-resitant residential organics collection bin.

Replace your trash cans with compost bins!

Better than a backyard compost pile, we’ll take ALL your food waste including meat,
bone & dairy, tissue, paper towels, waxed cardboard, single-use compostable dinnerware, yard waste and more!

How it works

It’s simple and costs only $18 per month! Sign up for pick-up and we’ll drop off your curbside container, detailed guidelines, tips and educational material, helping you make the most out of this service. Start diverting your organics, then put out the container on your neighborhood collection day. We empty the bin and haul it to a vetted, industrial composting facility.

Why organics?

There are lots of really good reasons to compost, here's one:
The majority of municipal waste is organic material and the anaerobic (without oxygen) decay of organics in landfills is the largest producer of methane, a greenhouse gas more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in its ability to trap heat. Diverting organics from landfills is the easiest, most effective way for people to make a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

Visit our Residential Organics Collection Page

For more info or to sign up for weekely collection service email us or call
our collections line 970.987.1364.


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